What’s so Funny About That

Gags and laughs. What makes it work? Find a working definition of comedy with examples in movies, the Internet, Ecclesiastes, television, and in the front yard.

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Shy Me

There are so many smart things to say when you are an actor on the stage. Life is like being an actor on a stage.  The world is a stage and all those characters have a role to play.  Didn’t someone already say that? There is nothing new under the sun that hasn’t already been […]

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Dream Come True

What is it I might say in a word or two today, that you know I had already said and known to you when you wonder? The singer who travels. Saw him at karaoke the other day. He sang, and the crowd was swaying and moving to his every gesture. He was all smiles and […]

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Dream this

I saw an advertisement from Hulu for top stories of the week. They seem so trite, and predictable, although Colbert always puts a smile in my mind’s eye if not on my face. I have come to see that I am somewhat like my father, not wanting to watch a show because I know how […]

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Magical Reasoning

Working on this one to see what becomes…remembering Grammercy conducting to music playing back on an old cassette tape recorder.  As he conducts, he drops coins and cards which fall through the table.  The viewers see it as much as he does.  But some how it does not happen.  Only in their mind does it happen.  Magic […]

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Evil diet and exercise classes in college got me wondering, at the time, how many meals to eat and how often. My mind was flying; Learning to Fly, thinking Run and tell the angels I think I need a devil to help me work things out right. New Evolution. Eventually, I tried many approaches including […]

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A Virtual Relationship

A remark from one of my linked in friends on systems and ourselves drew me my next step notions of you, me, and systems.   The enterprise relationship and commitment with the new age of computers is the next step in people-to-organization strata development. Don’t go away yet, this get’s juicy. As in every relationship, […]

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