Toys Save Us


Help save ToysRUs

When I first saw news of CEO’s Isaac’s GoFundMe campaign to save ToysRUs, I was skeptical. But it makes sense. The experience of a Top Toy executive with financial backing from his personal resources, along with a public push to make toys a priority in retail where they have been for decades makes for a win all around. This exec sees that taking ownership of the faltering company will help sell his product, Brat dolls which are already a hit. All that remains is for those who want to make a store for toys a continued reality.

And what a better time for this. We are being challenged these days with terrible news of gun violence in schools by children. Perhaps some more toy time is in order.

In an evolving era where disgruntled teens take to shooting their friends, schoolmates, teachers and custodians in a shoot up like some video game, do we really want to let go of our only all toy store? No. Of course not.

They say it could be the end of an era. All signs point to this. Bankrupt the toy store. Sell it’s assets to the future of it’s former leaders. Let the judge decide. Solomon a wise judge, would offer to cut the baby doll in half. Children seem to want to disappear in their feelings with the perception of hightened power that they journal about in lonely diaries and notebooks with secret plans outlining shootouts that grandma’s find in surprise and dismay only to turn in their only grandchild to the proper authorities. Worse, the guardians never find the clues. Parents loose track or forget to check on the questionable behavior of a child alone in the basement bedroom with gun magazines, kits, ammo, and lots of guns. Grandparents and relations are not around enough to help. Taking away the all toy store removes a unique and creative avenue to love and caring that could otherwise make peace in the ritual of a gift.

We can all benefit from a little more love and caring. What does a toy say to a child who receives it as a gift, but to unconditionally say, “I love you”?

There seems to be an misnomer of business sentiment that the other players in the market will fill the eleven billion dollar gap when ToysRUs is gone. What to do? they say. The fact is that no one company can fill the shoes of ToysRUs. Online competition of Amazon is killing the retail store business for sure. But it is not replacing the retail environment that offers a creative space in aisle for one to find the right toy. The idea of a toy may come about to the breadwinner and shopper, whether that is Dad, Mom, Uncle, guardian, step dad, grandpa or grandma, and, it is organized and sensible to order it online. But tell that to a toy shopper at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Kohls, or the SuperGrocery. They will tell you that they just want to get the toy and go. The idea to buy the toy did not come in an organized and sensible manner. We’re talking kids here. Toy shoppers are out with money in hand to buy the toy that sits on the shelf because they want to give a toy to someone very important, now. If that toy is merchandised with care and concern for its appeal and purpose, like it is important, it will sell, now. Done, closed the $11B void.

The question we must ask in our hearts is will we in this time of child shootouts be the ones who let the only major toy store go away, while we left a void in its wake to be filled with among other things the dismay of childhood, violence and the regulation of guns designed to keep youth in check?

ToysRUs has been a premier leader in bringing toys to retail shoppers. Many who visit the locations are amazed at the volume and organization of so many toys. Some visit ToysRUs for the first time, from diverse places from across the globe: London, Johannesburg, Paris, New York; only to walk and see the many answers to the dreams brought to them by their special ones young at heart. Others take the shelves of toys for granted, on yet another satisfactory mission for that special toy. Those who work at the stores to put all this together help make us all a better people.

Fund the Fun

Help fund the fun and make ToysRUs a store that continues with fun and to make the dreams of love and happiness a reality with toys we love and know. It’s time to give up the baby doll to another mother who can and will take care of the business.

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