I in Institution

One rainy Portland morning, he sat at the curb skylarking it watching the demonstrators also skylark and prove their way. He sat in a comfortable cushioned camping chair to make sure his back wouldn’t get sore. It can be a long haul being part of these demonstrations waiting as a single I in the Institution. Shouts and crowd noise echoed through the downtown asphalt up to the tower like old brick buildings, and the newly constructed towering glass and steel towers. The smell of rain from soaked asphalt and brick with the brisk smell of freshly roasted coffee permeated the town square. An earthy feel grounded his thoughts as he wrote notes in his journal.

The beginning of these things often forgets its meaning and purpose. He wanted to remember. Otherwise he could see that the gathering reminded him of his college days out in quarter deck listening to music with 65 of his closest friends. The other 500 gathered added to the ambience of rebellion, debauchery, sex, music and lots of smoking and drinking. Although today, stretched beyond the imagination of his college days finding with the participates of the demonstration turning from the purpose to ever new and base ways to explore the hedonistic side of things and of personal relationships. He knew the slow recovery of I in Institution that followed those college days.

Rage in the machine

It didn’t matter if they partied or if he wrote everything down.  He was going to go out there and speak. He wanted to address the organization and the party.

Two years and three months have past since I heard him speak of that event. What he wrote in poetry I tip my hat today, as only what he said captures it. What happens in demonstrations stays in demonstrations.

One person senses a safe place to be in a giant organization. The architechture and organizational structures agrees. When we find a place we have struggled hard to reach, we dig in and stay. After we get comfortable we begin to look around and search for more of life’s delights, food, water, and the company of others.

A place to sort things out
Sheraton’s Horseshoe Resort in China. Definitely a place to sort things out.

She lay down and he lay there next to her. They were too blasted to do anything. They trusted each other and the feeling was ecstatic. It didn’t matter that they weren’t outside. The others could take care of things and this was an important time for him and her to discover the connections. After all this is part of the meaning of this whole thing. We’re getting together to speak out on this who economic thing. Having the time now to explore new connectons has shown her more than ever new things about herself and him, who might be the one.

So they partied.

When we judge each other from group to group for various reasons from thoughts, feelings, or actions, there is a breakdown of institution from the clash of communities and organization. The Guardian posts and asks how to fix broken institutions. With increased tolerance, we start to accept more dissident activities within the general guide of law. Things are opening up for institutional evolution. Individuals are finding ways to ascend their thoughts, and change from within to find satisfaction within their own meaningful social groups.

We know it’s not a party. Nor is it order or organization. A party can help. Organization provides structure and fallback. For significance, something from within speaks. When we listen, and take time for the little thing that’s tugging at one’s skirt or pant leg the feedback can be let go and we are free to perceive.

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