Between the Weather and Here

It is always difficult to determine what the weather feels like by reading about it. I don’t know really what the current conditions are until I am there, or here, where there is weather.  Now, a little step forward, and this talk about the weather is really a comfortable way to get to know someone […]

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On Travel

I would be glad to participate in new ventures, such as seeking treasure in Eden, or teaching English in a foreign land. These things have plopped in my lap. Here I stand prepared mid point in my life. I will board the plane soon to take me through some dark clouds and above to cross […]

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When I sit and write, there many things that are spinning outside the realm of what I can actually, practically write. These motivations come from outside of my immediate writing and are a distraction. I am learning to continue writing with focus on where I come from to the printable words Recently, I have received […]

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The New Default: Terror

Sitting in the restaurant next to the food court while I waited for my wife to finish shopping, I watched the jumbo flat screens play out the video of Boston Marathoner’s reacting in surprise to explosions, and retreating with injuries, stretchers, and security person’s in bright safety garb.  I pulled up the smartphone to read […]

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