Dream Come True

What is it I might say in a word or two today, that you know I had already said and known to you when you wonder? The singer who travels. Saw him at karaoke the other day. He sang, and the crowd was swaying and moving to his every gesture. He was all smiles and […]

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Toys Save Us

ToysRUs Help save ToysRUs When I first saw news of CEO’s Isaac’s GoFundMe campaign to save ToysRUs, I was skeptical. But it makes sense. The experience of a Top Toy executive with financial backing from his personal resources, along with a public push to make toys a priority in retail where they have been for […]

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Autumn Road in Fog

Digital photos offer wonderful flexibility in wall art and decorative frame options to furnish your indoor decorations. Consider an Autumn Road digital print to place in a frame that best suits the wall art aesthetic of your space. This digital photo was created with a filter called “leaves.” It was taken from an iPhone 8 […]

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From Beneath the Windowsill

On a lark, I started reading Faust from a book beneath the windowsill bench, covered in old dvd’s, compact discs, old sheet music, jars, buttons, and memorable stuffed toy dolls. It was at the initial bequest heard while listening to a Youtube of a Berkley professor from the 90’s. Job well done teacher. He described the […]

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I in Institution

One rainy Portland morning, he sat at the curb skylarking it watching the demonstrators also skylark and prove their way. He sat in a comfortable cushioned camping chair to make sure his back wouldn’t get sore. It can be a long haul being part of these demonstrations waiting as a single I in the Institution. […]

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Shy Me

There are so many smart things to say when you are an actor on the stage. Life is like being an actor on a stage.  The world is a stage and all those characters have a role to play.  Didn’t someone already say that? There is nothing new under the sun that hasn’t already been […]

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